Friday Film Day!

So Kristin Kramer (my work buddy) and I decided we should spend some time taking pictures with our film SLR's some weekend... then we were getting so excited about it... we thought what about doing a lunch time photography session... we are surrounded by so many historical buildings and it has been so gorgeous out!! So Jean Friday we decided to spend our lunch break outside.. and it was a BLAST! I can't wait to get the pictures developed to show you!!

We also want to spend some time one weekend developing our own film.. found a darkroom you can rent just outside of downtown! FUN FUN FUN!

I only had color film this time so gonna have to pay to have it developed.... which reminds me I need to find a place that will do a great job..... stay tuned for pictures from that day!!

Today im 25!!

My Birthday fell on a Thursday and although I already felt spoiled and loved from our fun Birthday weekend...It got even better~

Here is a picture of me driving to work on the first day of the 25th year of my life :) he he... do I look 25???

Downtown was pretty on that day!!! The tallest building is my work building!!

I brought some doughnuts for my work buddies... they were very greatful! as was I... I enjoyed a maple bar myself!!

A big group of us went out to Casa for lunch... Alan is holding the camera.. sorry he didn't make it in the picture!

Kramer and I sharing a coke! :) she also treated me to lunch! What a great friend!!

Kelly Kim.. the newest edition to our firm...

My hubby and I went out to a nice dinner at Gus's BBQ....

And here is my food!!

This was such an AMAZING birthday !!! Thanks to everyone who made it special!!!