All Grown Up.... Marcy & Lucy

Little house in Pasadena

We spent 9 months living in downtown LA and finally decided we had enough of the big city and made a big move to Pasadena. We found little "baby bungalow" close to all that matters(Shopping, Eating, and Trees) Its a small free standing house. With our very own porch. Its amazing how the little things make you smile. Enjoy the pics!

We just LOVE our new Trunk and Rug (thanks MOM!)

Our Kids

We have two beautiful cats we absolutely adore. First on the left is Lucy Lou, she was my rescue kitten I got when I was going to school. And Marcy Mae on the right was a wonderful addition to our family and has the most personality out of any cat you will ever meet. There is something to be said for coming home and having them there waiting anxiously.