Alexis Day 2

Well.... I think its been a rather full day. We started the day with some good cartoons. Then headed to the park before it got too hot to ride scooters. Then we came back and played a game of Yahzee. Soo much fun! Made some jello and headed to run some erands. Ran to Hallmark to pick up some Cards, then to ross & pottery barn (for me) hehe! I ended up picking up decor to decorate my mantle. I am really excited. Oh back to Alexis. Lets see we came back, watched some more cartoons, then took another trip on the scooters, this time with Dad & Debbie to Alexis' favorite place The Fairoaks Pharmacy (they have candy and bandaids) After that we were pretty tired, so we rested a little then broke out Settlers of Catan, The best board game ever. Oh and somewhere in ther Alexis lost a tooth, well more like pulled a tooth! So she was really excited! I guess I have to be the "toothfairy tonight" hehe Just when u think the day couldn't get more fun filled Jeff took Alexis to the park to play frisbee while I took a nap (hehe)... then after I woke up we drove to my dads too go out to eat. Yummy Mexican Food! Then the best part of the day was the home made shaved ICE! Alexis ate the whole thing!! Such a lucky girl! We watched the show Wipe Out for a little while then headed home to bed. Im pretty sure she is going to sleep good tonight! I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring. Here are some highlights from our day!

Look MOM I lost my Tooth!
Learning a new game Settlers of Catan! Alexis is pro already
had to throw this in, my new mantle set up! I still need to hang the pic, but u get the gist! :)

Alexis NIGHT 1

We went out to Roys for a great Hawaiian treat! With Dad and Debbie! Alexis got her very own desert with her name written in chocolate. Then I got my very own desert with Congratulations written in chocolate (for finishing my CPA tests)! Yummmy.... Then alexis got a shower and went to sleep with Lucy Lou (the kitty) HEHE!

Here are some fun pics from the night!

ROYS in downtown LA

Alexis's special desert

I think she is happy

Congratualtions to meee HEHEH

Sisterly LOVE
Goof Troops


Weekend with Sis and JEFF
Look at Jeff's face hahahahahahahah
Now that takes tallent!!

Awww MEM!


Well, I never thought I would be on the 45th floor during a 5.4 earthquake.... IRONIC! haha

It was pretty intense, luckily I wasn't surrounded by the chaos, but I did have friends run down 45 flights of stairs cause they were freaked out and ones who hid under their desks, and also ones who got in their car and drove home! haha.... I guess being that im a Californian I new to just sit tight and enjoy the ride. I have to admit I did at one point think I was going to die, when u are this high up it feels like the building is just blowing in the wind. and going to fall over! But its still standing and im still working!

Whew what a day!!!

My day started out with a wonderful CPA exam at 8am. Hopefully the last!!! Then I drove home to Thousand Oaks for a fun filled day with Mom and Aunt Amy. First stop.... Natural Cafe for my favorite Enchiladas. Next was home, then hop in the car and head to Somis. (the cutest little town) Our mission for the day was to go pick fruit and veggies. We went to Aunt Amys "GROVE" first..... to pick avocados. Then we ventured over to Amy's Mom's garden to continue the picking frenzy. After that we got all the stuff together and drove out to aunt cheryls house. SOOO GORGEOUS! We delivered her some of our picks, then she surprised me with the greatest gift of all.... one of her original paintings. Then after I was done drooling over it, we headed back to Thousand Oaks where we met up with AJ and Lex. Grabbed some grub and called it a day!

Here are some fun pics...

View from the future Cote Residence (oh and my mom) hahha

Our second stop , Amy's Parents beatuful Garden

Our sidekick OLIVER :) Soooo adorable

Grape VINES!


Loos like the perfect orange :) Tropicana style

Aunt Amy doing the picking and im doing the posing

A Trip to Thousand Oaks wouldn't be the same with out a stop at loehmanns (AMAZINGNESS)

Last but not least, was the GREATEST part of my day! an original painting from Aunt Cheryl :)

Im so lucky!!! ITS BEAUTIFUL