Made with TLC for Christmas

Mr Owl ..... Phone/Camera Case

and yes I did have inspiration

I decided on a whim Friday night I wanted to attempt to make these.. first

was a stop at Michaels where I found everything I needed.... note to self...

Jeff is not super fond of hanging out in Michaels.... Can we say BORING.... HA HA HA

My first owl attempt is my favorite... so that is why I kept it! :)

Next I decided I wanted to make one for Mom! Thinking the Orange was more her color :) It ended up being a little larger so it works as a camera case!!

Finally on Saturday I ran out to find a few more colors of yarn & felt and whipped this one up for my sister... so that we are matching! I didn't quite finish it before our Christmas get together at 4 Saturday evening! :) They were a big hit!!

I just realized I never took a picture of the back of the cases... They are felt... the green ones have a baby blue felt backing and mom's is a tan color :) SO MUCH FUN! I think I will be making my grama one for Christmas!!!

Metro - Gold Line

I am embarrassed to say that I have only started utilizing this wonderful service in the past week. Even though I have been driving into downtown for more than 2 years :(

But better late than never!
I just wanted to share why I love this so much!

The station is one mile from my house, so I drive and park for free then walk over to the station!
This is where I Park

Accross the street I hop on the train.

This is almost my favorite part of the journey... because it is so crisp and cool outside.. I have my Christmas music playing in my ears and I'm all bundled up standing in the sun! Plus the trees surrounding the station are all changing color :)
Next I hop on the train and sit down... the first few times I didn't pay much attention to what was going on around me.. thinking there was going to be a bunch of weird-o's and I didn't want to draw attention to myself... but the past few days I have looked around taking in my surroundings. Most of the time people seem happy, reading, sleeping, listening to music like myself :) I like to soak in the stillness the car has... although everyone is in their own space.. and it tends to be rather crowded, there is an element of peace.

The Gold line runs outside and through a few cities before it arrives at union station... some include ones that may be considered "not so safe".... that aside I have never for one second felt unsafe, again oddly at peace. The views are just moments we are up higher than the homes and can glance out above it all to see trees and hills with their changing colors of the season... this part I enjoy a lot... we go through...

Chinatown's park where we took our engagement photos

and they even have flowers in bloom... brings back fun memories!! final destination is Union Station.. where I make a quick cross over to the Red Line.... This part is great because I get my exercise.... I try to walk as fast as I can to keep my heart rate up.... and NEVER utilize the escalators :) that means I tackle the stairs!! I usually wait only a few minutes to catch the red line (which is underground) I take this only two stops to Pershing Square... I finish my trek up another huge flight of stairs ... then it is a few long blocks away from my building... again I try to walk as fast as I can with my music blaring ... to keep moving :)

I usually arrive at my destination anywhere between 30-45 minutes from when I left my house! Not tooo bad considering the enjoyment I get out of it... plus I save tremendously by not needing to park... and get some early morning exercise!

In the evenings the journey is mostly the same.. just gets a little dark by the time I get onto the Gold Line...and I ofen end up hitting the gym before I head home... which is in the same building as where I park!! Snap Fitness !!

And on Thursdays...The farmers market is taking place right where the train arrives in South Pasadena from 4-7pm... Its AMAZING!! I try to get a roasted yam every week!!!

WOW! Who knew that going into work could be so enjoyable! :) Hoping that our move to the Westside is delayed a few more months so I can continue this.... a little sad to have to give it up ... but I know busy season is just around the corner.... so I will just soak it all in while I can!!! :)

Christmas Decorations Up... and Holiday Party :)

After my First week of work I find it soooo enjoyable to be home, especially with all our Christmas Decorations up!! I think my favorite part is when you drive by you can see the tree in the window :)

Our Lovely Decorations! Nothing fancy but brings the Christmas spirit!!

We went to Zucca last night for my new JOB's Holiday Party :) WTAS is not so bad !!! Oh and to top it all off... im an offical Public Transportation User.... I took the metro all by myself on Friday of my first week.. and am going to utilize it until we move to Westwood..... :)

Oh and earlier Saturday I gave Miss Violet a Bath... she was such a trooper!! BTW she LOVES to be blowdried... she just lays there! he he

Sunday Hike Griffith Park!

Jeff and I took a hike up to the Getty Museum on Sunday and we had sooo much fuN!

Considering how close Griffith Park is from our house it is surprising that we had never gone before!! The views of downtown as we hiked up were superb!!! Not to mention the weather was perfect!!!

After we went into Los Feliz and ate at an adorable French Restaurant :)

Perfect end to a great weekend!

Ordinary Saturday!!

Lovely Morning! Jeff and I both worked out than had a yummy healthy breakfast!

Tried some Kamut grain hot cereal! Better than oatmeal I LOVED IT! topped that off with some ground flaxseed, blackberries and candied pecans and a dab of MILK... Yum!!!

Also to accompany we had yummy bread I picked up from whole foods that you finish the baking process at home! Super healthy and yummy to boot!

I also tried our french press for the first time! WOW yummiest coffee I have ever had! It didn't need anything in it! Loved it black! Odly :)

Spent some time on the computer! Facebooking & Looking at my bloggs! and Miss Violet wanted to help too! :) she is so precious!

Jeff's morning is a bit different, he worked from home after breakfast.. which consisted of answering the blackberries! Ring Ring Ring!!!!! :) This is Jeff.... he is so cute! Just glad he can be home with me!

Now we are going to head out to Santa Monica to go look at apartments and explore!

Then out to Thousand Oaks! Laura's (Jeff's Sisters) Birthday is today! WOOO HOOO!

Happily Ever After Party...

I have to document this day so that I can look back one day and laugh. Well sort of...

Morning went smoothly! Jeff picked up stephanie up in the morning and I went to get my nails done! Then after she got here we were off to get our makeup done. again things going pretty smoothly! But I failed to mention that that morning I ended up taking Debbie's car instead of my own, bummer only because it wasn't full of gas, and I guess Jeff had just filled mine up the night before to be sure I was ready for my day :) awe... so we got our make up done and steph and I were Thousand Oaks bound to get our hair done... left Beverly Center with 1 hr to get to Thousand Oaks... figured it was plenty of time, but no!!!! We sat in traffic :'( and had to stop to get gas... which turned out to be a 20 min stop because we 1st couldn't figure out how to open the gas tank (duh!!!) then second the pump wasn't working ... needless to say we showed up at our hair appointment pretty much 45 min late.... luckily we were the last appointments and the gal was SUPER SUPER SWEET!... left the salon just with 15 min to throw our clothes on and be ready for the party! PERFECT! But where was my honey! Apparently he didn't get the memo... he though the party was at 5:30, can't blame the guy because that was the actual wedding time! AND he spent a big portion of the morning delivering the gorgeous flowers. that's a whole other topic of conversation... because I wasn't super happy he was in charge of that delivery.. but everything looked beautiful, and he was so sweet to go out of his way!! :)

Mom's house looked absolutely incredible, every detail was covered... appetizers drinks you name it; went seamlessly! She had lots of help! The biggest annoyance was the DJ... oh boy... she honestly meant well... but she had absolutely no class. she took about 10 smoke breaks during the party! WHO DOES THAT?????? and things didn't flow quite as well as planned..... but part way through mom just asked for my list I gave her and she told her the songs to play for the rest of the evening... GREAT THINKIN!!!!!

Our amazing photographer Braedon snuck us away from the party after I put my dress on and before everyone saw me to take some pictures up in the hills.... we pretty much hiked all the way up to catch the light! My honey carried me some of the way! We were laughing so hard! I am pretty much dying to see those photos!! They should be incredible!!

After we got back to the party! I came out in my gown! Everyone seemed rather excited! and I was too actually. the party dress I was so anxious to wear was falling off GRR..... I guess I can't complain~ he he! We did the dances and slide shows and ate dinner..... went well

Part way through the evening my Aunt Alice fell/passed out on the dance floor. She wasn't responding well immediately after her fall and luckily there were nurses and doctors at the party that quickly attended to her. She began responding a little better but they still decided to take her to the hospital. On their own dime, ambulances can be so darn expensive! A couple days later she was still in the hospital. I guess she had a minor hemorrhage in her brain :( our heart just goes out to her and the rest of the family! and she is doing much better and is resting at home now!

The night wasn't over at that point! We all picked up where we left off a little shocked at what had just happened. Finished with the cake cutting garter toss and flower tosss... all went pretty well! Then the DJ played the mom designated list the rest of the night! WHEW! and I just have to say thank goodness the Ramirez families were there!! They were all over the dance floor! It was AWESOME!!!

When I look back at this post I realize I was focusing on the stupid horrible DJ after the event and not all the good things that came of the evening. We got to see many friends and family we hadn't in awhile and it was so lovely to visit! Mom's house was incredible and our slideshows were superb!! and photographer PERFECT! Ahhh... but either way by the end of the evening I was BEAT! steph jeff and I spent the next two days in Thousand Oaks unwinding! :) it was like staying in a resort! Breakfast when you wake up! Pool and laying out in the sun during the day! AMAZING!!

I have to thank my amazing Mom for all her hard work! She was the brains behind this party and It couldn't have happend with out her attention to detail and devotion !!! XOXO There were many many people who helped out that were instrumental in the process... Cindy(mother in law) was there every step of the way and Debbie with the flowers Oh wow! and Susie in the kitchen... and Rosa cleaning the house... and Ralph helping with the slideshow... see the list goes on!!!! THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts! These memories will last a lifetime!!!

I will post more photos of the day when I get them back from the photographer!!

Soo Many Changes :)

As you may probably already know I lost my job back in July. To be honest it has been the best thing that ever happened to me. First off I NEEDED the time before the wedding to really focus and finish up all the details. I didn't have a coordinator help plan the wedding so that meant everything needed to be organized before my coordinator was there the day of (THANKS DELINA) Second of all, PWC has been experiencing lay offs in general and it was a pretty sour environment to get up and go to every day. I can say my body has thanked me. No more stress :) well other than now on the job search front... but things are slowly moving. I had an interview on Wednesday for a Job I would LOVE! Lots of growth potential and the office is on the water in Santa Monica WOW! So thats possible change #1 and change #2 is we are looking to move down that direction. To the beach :) and when I say to the beach we want to be with in walking distance. I have spent a few days over the last week down that direction getting more familiar with the area. I never thought I would like it so much. I like how close everything is... we would be able to walk to 3rd street from out apartment and whole foods and work for me. Again this is all pretty hypothetical ... but I have a good feeling about it! my final change #3 is im Married! to the most incredible man in the world! I couldn't be happier to be embarking on the new adventures with him. Jeff has been practicing running on the beach in Santa Monica for when we move that direction! :) he is pretty excited! Plus no more 1-1.5 hr communte every day....I will get to see him more YAY!!!!!!

Okay thats all for now! Need to get back to cleaning up dishes from dinner last night... then off to SM for apartment hunting! The happily ever after is tomorrow and my BFF comes in tomorrow morning! Im so much looking forward to it!

Mrs. Jacobson (he he he)

Wedding Details

Bridal & Bridesmaids Ensemble:

Wedding Gown Monique Lhuillier

Makeup & Hair by Annette Lavish Salon

Hair Flower Myrakim on Etsy

Wedding Shoes Giuseppe Zanotti

Bracelet (something borrowed) Patina in St. Helena

Bridesmaid Necklaces SeaUnicorn Jewelry Shop on Etsy

Wedding Ceremony

Venue Sullivan Vineyards Sullivan Vineyards

Flowers Out of the Weeds

Flower Girl Baskets and Ring Bearer Basket Yandebridal on Etsy

Wedding Sign Stencil Studio on Etsy

String Quartet Hillmont String Quartet

Get-A-Way Car CC Wine Tours

Videographer Hitched on Film

Photographer Patricia & Mark Photography

Wedding Reception

Reception Go Fish

Wedding Corks Corkey Creatings on Etsy

Cake Topper Cornflakegirl on Etsy

Mrs. Jacobson... thats me!!

WOW! I knew I was marrying the most incredible man but read Jeff's vows:

Robin Michelle Wake. You are my best friend & I am so deeply in love with you. It started on a bench out in front of your dorm, that is where my eyes were first opened to your beauty within. Apparently the lord had placed my heart on my sleeve that night because it has forever since been yours to keep. You have so many amazing qualities that constantly draw me to you. Your physical beauty is obvious, your big brown eyes captivate me. Your smile & perfect little nose I adore. Equally as obvious is the beauty that radiates from with in you. I knew from day one that sitting on that bench next to me was a woman who was and is fully capable of making me the happiest man on earth. You have made me the happiest man alive and I am so deeply in love with you. Everything you do, you do with love, passion & integrity.... and that could never be more true than for the way you love me. You know me so well, you know what makes me tick and you go out of your way to fill my love tank daily. The way that you handle all of lifes ups and downs in such thoughtful and compassionate ways is a true testimate to how closely you hold the Lord to your heart. I am in true awe of the woman he created you to be and I thank him daily for giving me such an amazing partner whom I not only love, but so deeply respect. Over the past 6 years our love has tested time & space and though I know life brings hardship, I also know 100% that it will never be from a lack of committment from you to me & this incredible journey we are just setting out on. You make it so obvious everyday how committed you are to me, and words alone cannot express how incredibly loved happy and safe I feel when I am with you.

Today, Robin, I take your hands with the promise that from the very depths of my soul I will always seek to be open and honest with you. I promise to be faithful to you, to respect you and to love and support you through every challenge that life may bring. I will always catch you, I will always stand by your side and I will enver leave room for your to doubt my committment to you. I promise to hold you when you cry, to never stop making you laugh , and to always make you smile so big that it hurts.

Marry Me Robin Michelle wake. There is nothing, other than for the Lord to come again, that I want more than for you to grow old with me and let me keep your love tank full. I will cherrish every moment with you

You are and will always be my best friend and I will spend the rest of my life loving you!

My vows: (Not quite as lengthy... he he! Jeff has always been a man of words...)

Jeff, you are my best friend,

the man of my dreams, my prince charming,

and the love of my life

I make a promise to you today

To be fully committed to our life together

I will Love You

Trust and honor you

Be your Shoulder to cry on

and your Strength to rely on

You constant Companion through good times and bad

Be joyful in hope, patient in hard times, and faithful in prayer

I love you soo much!


Our wedding weekend was absolutely spectacular!!!! I couldn't have dreamed of a better day! We are still waiting for the photos from the photographer but here are a few from the day :)

Makeup and hair courtesy of Annette Avila at Lavish Salon

Special Thanks to the McCann Clan! They were just sooo well behaved and adorable to boot!

Mr & Mrs. Jacobson! XOXO Love you sooo much my husband!


The Harvest Inn

Jeff and I have sooo many memories at this hotel. He worked here early on in our relationship so I would often come visit him during the night shift and keep him company. I never really appreciated the beauty of the property and gardens back then, but I now have a huge appreciation... perhaps its knowing the price tag ;) I checked into the hotel Friday afternoon... we had booked a Vineyard view room. Much to our surprise we found out upon arrival that we had been upgraded... and when I say upgraded I mean MAJORLY upgraded!!! WOW! We now had a Vineyard view room with a spa on the terrace and a HUGE balcony! It was absolutely incredible. Literally took my breath away! and what was really nice is all the girls were able to get ready here! Steph even spent the night with me Friday night on the fold out coutch :) Here are some photos of us getting ready and our lovely room!!!

Manor House :) Room #202 :)

The Reception area

A toast!!

View from our terrace :)