Metro - Gold Line

I am embarrassed to say that I have only started utilizing this wonderful service in the past week. Even though I have been driving into downtown for more than 2 years :(

But better late than never!
I just wanted to share why I love this so much!

The station is one mile from my house, so I drive and park for free then walk over to the station!
This is where I Park

Accross the street I hop on the train.

This is almost my favorite part of the journey... because it is so crisp and cool outside.. I have my Christmas music playing in my ears and I'm all bundled up standing in the sun! Plus the trees surrounding the station are all changing color :)
Next I hop on the train and sit down... the first few times I didn't pay much attention to what was going on around me.. thinking there was going to be a bunch of weird-o's and I didn't want to draw attention to myself... but the past few days I have looked around taking in my surroundings. Most of the time people seem happy, reading, sleeping, listening to music like myself :) I like to soak in the stillness the car has... although everyone is in their own space.. and it tends to be rather crowded, there is an element of peace.

The Gold line runs outside and through a few cities before it arrives at union station... some include ones that may be considered "not so safe".... that aside I have never for one second felt unsafe, again oddly at peace. The views are just moments we are up higher than the homes and can glance out above it all to see trees and hills with their changing colors of the season... this part I enjoy a lot... we go through...

Chinatown's park where we took our engagement photos

and they even have flowers in bloom... brings back fun memories!! final destination is Union Station.. where I make a quick cross over to the Red Line.... This part is great because I get my exercise.... I try to walk as fast as I can to keep my heart rate up.... and NEVER utilize the escalators :) that means I tackle the stairs!! I usually wait only a few minutes to catch the red line (which is underground) I take this only two stops to Pershing Square... I finish my trek up another huge flight of stairs ... then it is a few long blocks away from my building... again I try to walk as fast as I can with my music blaring ... to keep moving :)

I usually arrive at my destination anywhere between 30-45 minutes from when I left my house! Not tooo bad considering the enjoyment I get out of it... plus I save tremendously by not needing to park... and get some early morning exercise!

In the evenings the journey is mostly the same.. just gets a little dark by the time I get onto the Gold Line...and I ofen end up hitting the gym before I head home... which is in the same building as where I park!! Snap Fitness !!

And on Thursdays...The farmers market is taking place right where the train arrives in South Pasadena from 4-7pm... Its AMAZING!! I try to get a roasted yam every week!!!

WOW! Who knew that going into work could be so enjoyable! :) Hoping that our move to the Westside is delayed a few more months so I can continue this.... a little sad to have to give it up ... but I know busy season is just around the corner.... so I will just soak it all in while I can!!! :)

Christmas Decorations Up... and Holiday Party :)

After my First week of work I find it soooo enjoyable to be home, especially with all our Christmas Decorations up!! I think my favorite part is when you drive by you can see the tree in the window :)

Our Lovely Decorations! Nothing fancy but brings the Christmas spirit!!

We went to Zucca last night for my new JOB's Holiday Party :) WTAS is not so bad !!! Oh and to top it all off... im an offical Public Transportation User.... I took the metro all by myself on Friday of my first week.. and am going to utilize it until we move to Westwood..... :)

Oh and earlier Saturday I gave Miss Violet a Bath... she was such a trooper!! BTW she LOVES to be blowdried... she just lays there! he he