Behind on my BLOGIN

Yes I sure am!! I have some film photos from last weekend in Northern california that have been preventing me from posting about our trip!!! For some reason the photo place, failed to put the wedding pics (B&W on FILM) on the CD... so I wait!! who knows when I will have a chance to make the trek to Hollywood and have them throw the pics on the CD :(
Anywho... STAY TUNED!!

Here are some of my faves from San Francisco on FILM!

Color First!

View from our Hotel JW Marriot near Union Square!

My B&W Faves!

Downtown LA 04:28:10

WOW! Downtown was absolutely gorgeous today!!

Here are some snapshots on my "point and shoot" camera taken while driving to work! HE HE HE!!


So Yesterday My dad informed me that he was going to be able to pick up an R8 and take it home for the day.... for all of you who don't know.... this is my top #1 favorite car if I could buy anything... and to top it off.... it was WHITE! Oh boy!

Pretty much made my day.... more like week... actually more like YEAR!!! HE HE HE!

She is absolutely GORGEOUS... then dad tells me that Lindsay Lohan was the person who had the car before this! :O WOW WOW WOW!!

Rosebowl Swapmeet ON FILM

So I also took some fun photos at the Rosebowl swapmeet on my Film Camera! Here are a few pics from the day!

Dad and Sunny!

Shopping for Boots!

My Sweet Violet in Film! She is so BEAUTIFUL!

Film Friday Photos!!

So a few months ago I posted about "Film Friday" where I went out with Kristin Kramer during my lunch break and took photos! Finally got the pics back today (thanks husband)

Blades... Family... and... Shopping.... Oh the life!

So this weekend was FINALLY not spent WORKING or STUDYING WOO HOOO!!

I spent Saturday morning cleaning the house... and picking up because I was gonna go rollerblading in Venice with Kristin Kramer and Elise from WTAS! and oh boy did we have a fabulous time!!
Here are some photos from the day!

Ready To GO!!!

The Girlies!


Our Fearless LEADER Kristin Kramer!

She is sooo talented!

Me in action!

My AMAZING blades..... c. 1997

Almost to our final destination!

Later that afternoon Jeff's family came out to hang out! and we went out to Gus's BBQ for dinner and of course some Gelato for desert! YUM!

And... Sunday was a busy busy day! Spent all morning running around getting the house organized and put together with our new furniture (see previous post) ahhh felt sooo good to get organized.....

Kristin came out and we went to Lohemans and Old town!! for a little shopping...

Oh I forgot to mention that Sunday AM I also went to Home goods and picked up some lamps and bedding for our twin bed that will be in our spare room... if we ever move ;) then of course hit Target to purchase our monthly household items... paper towels.. cat litter... yada yada yada....

Needless to say it was a FUN filled ... HIGHLY productive weekend!! Now back to work (aka reality) he he he!!