Brian's Birthday, Family Time & Beach Day!!!

The day started out just LOVELY! I got a massage in downtown and when we got home Brian Jeff and I headed out to Thousand Oaks for a Birthday Dinner/Lunch.. YUmmm we had a BBQ and ate on the patio! Look how nice the table looked! My parents came over later for some desert and to hang out!

Awe such hansome guys!

Then on Sunday we decided to take a trip down to Newport for some Beach Time!
Brian met us and we ended up having such a great time! It wasn't quite as sunny as I had hoped but either way we got some much needed sun.... well sort of .... I wore SPF 30 LOL!!

These two braved the cold water and went for a swim WOWEY!!!

Then what could be better to finish off a great day than a visit to see Kristi & Paul!! I held this little one for 2 hours :) She is such a cuddle bug ! Jeff even held her for the first time! He was a natural! ooooooh and while we were there we had an EARTHQUAKE 4.8 !!! It was a pretty big one too! SHOOK for awhile..... WHEW!