Northern California Road Trip!

We are so lucky to have the chance to take a trip up North to a few cities that are close to our hearts. Sarah was getting married May 9th so we decided to take the trip up to celebrate with her! All the festivities were in Santa Rosa area. Jeff , Brian and myself thought it would be fun to stay in San Francisco to keep things exciting! Not to mention I had a few wedding items to take care of while we were there. We left early Friday morning and arrived at around noon! We walked around the city to kill some time before we could check into our hotel. Which I surprisingly LOVED! It was the Prescott Hotel on Post only 2 blocks from Union Square.

1st wedding item on the agenda for me was my make-up and hair trial for the wedding. I was a little nervious since it was a big commitment to trust someone with your face and look on your wedding day, but I choose correctly! Lavish salon in San Francisco was a perfect match! She did such a lovely job I can't wait for everyone to see how it will turn out on the big day! Next we got ready to head out to Cattlemens in Petaluma for a lovely Rhearsal Dinner!

View of the Golden Gate Bridge...

The Boys all dressed up!

Our Lovely Hotel!

Day 2 was a busy one.... First we wanted to get up pretty early and get some breakfast at one our our favorite restaurants.... but much to our surprise they didn't open until 11:30 :( so we decided to walk down to the Embarcadero Pier 30 and enjoy the gorgeous weather and grab a snack so we still would be hungry for Fog City Diner when they opened later. So next we were off to our meeting with the florist.... it was right down the street from Fog City Diner, everything went smoothly and we again were really excited with our choice of vendors, I think she will be able to portray our style amazingly. So after were were done there we drove back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding that was at 3pm, so that we would have time to grab some lunch at Fog City Diner before we headed out. It worked out perfectly, food was even better than I imagined we chowed down then headed out to Petaluma again.....

The wedding took place in the smallest cutest oldest Church I have ever seen! I never knew Petaluma was such a quaint town.

Here are some pics from the wedding...

password may92009
Jeff and I stepped away and took a walk around the neighborhood to enjoy some of the old homes. Living in South Pasadena has given me a new appreciation for homes built in the early 1900's. This one was my favorite from the walk! The pictures do not do i justice... it is HUGE!

Day 3 .... Happy Mothers Day! and Napa here we come! we thought yesterday was a full day, but turns out Day 3 was the busiest. We started our day bright and early by driving out to Napa for brunch with the family for Mothers Day! Luckily we didn't have to wait too long to be seated and good ole' Gillwoods hit the spot.

The next stop was a drive up highway29 to check out some Rehearsal Dinner spotts ....
We made a quick stop at Sullivan Vineyards to check out our ceremony site again! It was amazingly gorgeous!

This is where we will say "I Do..."

We ended up also swining by Go Fish to get a better look at the reception site... Which was perfect.. .then we went to Pizzeria Travigne... which is where I think we will probably end up doing the rehearsal dinner. They have an adorable patio that is just what were were thinking! Finally we spent some time walking around Main Street! Oh it brought back so many memories... we even stopped into my engagement rings first home Patina.... and found some wedding bands that match perfectly... now I just need to be patient :) We also had some food at Market and visited with friends before we drove back to reality! But what a nice end to a fun filled weekend! :)