New Bedroom Set :D

I am absolutely In LOVE with our new treasures from Salvation Army ($250)! Beautiful Mahogony Bedroom Set by Drexel (purchased originally from Bullock's in Pasadena) ... its the Tribune Collection dated 1961 (even has cedar lined bottom ) The Tribune collection won an award in 1960 for Craftsmanship.. thats what the stamp is in blue :)

Its soo perfect I don't even need to change the hardware!!

Dad may re-finish the tops of the pieces a little later, but honestely they are near perfect condition!

I found these beauties at Salavation Army on Tuesday this week, and slowly brought the pieces home to make their way into our bedroom... we literally went from having TV trays as nighstands and a terrible Ikea dresser to having a full bedroom set with matching nightstands all for 250$ bucks ... and I even visited Home goods this weekend and picked up a few lamps... so our bedroom is COMPLETE!! Once we move I would like to paint, and get some artwork, but it feels so warm and homey now full of new furniture :) (new to me!!!)

Here is a pic of our bedroom now!


Dresser #1

Dresser #2

Dresser #2 (decor) I finally found a place for my gumball machine :)

Crock Pot Chicken

This recipe will be used VERY often!!

So easy and sooo delicous!!
Look at this pretty Bird ;)

Gave him a bath, then filled him with sliced apples and a little butter, then coated him in olive oil and Spike Seasoning and stuck a few onions on top!
Stuck him in the crock pot for 2 hrs on high and 6 hours on low...
Finished product! Isn't it purdy! It just fell apart when I took it out!!