New York New York

I can't tell you how much fun I had on my adventures in New York! I saw soo much in the few days I was there... even by myself....

Day 1: I spent some time sleeping since I took the red eye flight out..... Cynthia's apartment was super fun, and close to everything! You can see the eiffel tower from her apartment :)

Where I slept!

The View!

I got familiar with the area and where I could go and found myself walking walking walking.... ending up in the rockefeller center! check out this fun iceskating rink!

Later that night when Cynthia got off work she took me down to Little Italy where I got to experience the oldest Pizza place in the US. Lombardi's Pizza

We took the subway down .... hehehe

Look how cute little Italy is..

Day 2:

Now this was a HUGE Day! I started my day out with taking a stroll in Cental park on a horse drawn carriage :)

It was sooooo COLD! My driver Brendan, from Ireland!!

Next stop.... TIME SQUARE!!! Oh I forgot to mention I took the Subway all by my self up to Central Park (kind of a big deal)

One issue I run into when traveling by myself is ..... how do I get a picture of me in all these places.... my favorite tactic is..... find someone in a group.... the offer to take their picture, after that... then ask politely ooooh can u take mine tooo..... WORKS LIKE A CHARM!

The sky was sooo gorgeous as u can see from all these fun pics!

By this time I was pretty exhausted.... I walked all the way here from central park... I stopped and got some soup then started walking back to warmth (the apartment)

On my way I stumbled upon this iceskating rink..... hmmm I had already told myself I REALLY REALLY wanted to go...... but iceskating alone, how sad is that...... Welp I sucked it up and DID IT~ I was sure glad I did.... it was a BLAST!!! I even managed to get someone to take my pic!

Okay I thought I was tired after time square I was really really tired by now!! I headed home for a nap then..... Dinner and a movie!

Day 3: By now My friend Cynthia was off work so we had the whole day for fun! We started off with breakfast delivered! Gosh I love that part about NYC.... and we already had plans to go out for someones B-day that evening... we also thought we could catch a show and do some shopping.... we managed to do all of the above and it made for a memorable last day in the city.... tomorrow we had to head off to Virginia for training.... to top it all off we got snow!!

First stop shopping!!!

Then some Snow!!

And a show!

Later that night we went out to a club called Johnny Utah's but apparently there was a rodeo in NYC for some odd reason and we were not able to get in... second best thing was Hawaiian Tropics by Time Square.... it was pretty hilarious..... after we closed that place down we went to a rooftop club an danced the night away! :) Perfect way to end an amazing Trip!

My Girls

A common Joke around the office is me and my cats. ..... Im often referred to as the Cat Lady! :) I accept the mocking because I know what I get to come home to! My girls are the best!