Rain Rain Go AWAY!

This is a funny story! ...... so Jeff and I have been all excited to go get engagement pictures up in Napa... okay maybe that an exageration.... I have been all excited to get picture taken..... I have been watching the weather and keeping my fingers crossed for sunshine all week! Today I checked the weather and it said RAIN~ Noooooooo!! I was sooo bummed, I thought, hmmm should we move it??? Should we cancel??? We have the outfits the plans and eveything...... Well at 11:00am this morning I said, forget it!! We are going to cancel everything!!! Its not worth ruining the pictures, after all we have to drive up there, then I was getting hair/makeup done in SF etc..... Whew! I was pretty bummed at first, but finally was able to wrap my mind around it! Only to check the weather at 4pm and guess what??? Rain was GONE! Oh my gosh! I could kill!!!!

We ended up keeping it canceled, but it was a pretty funny trick to play on us! I am hoping now to get my FAVORITE photographer to do our pics locally! Ps. the main reason I wanted to go up to Napa anyways was for the Mustard flowers and there season is coming to an end really sooon! Not to mention my Saturday Classes start up Next weekend!

Anyways .... I will update when I finally come up with Plan "B" no matter what they will be amazing! :)