Stomach Flu... NOOOO!!

There is only one good thing about getting the stomach flu two weeks before the wedding........ how thin you feel after... ha ha ha (I can laugh now that its over)

So Mom and Aaron planned on going to a concert Friday Night! I drove all the way out to TO to pick lex up.. she was spending the night and we were going to have a fun time! Even brought out the bikes and scooter!!

Friday we grabbed Alamo for dinner and headed to Pasadena....

We got home, relaxed, ate dinner, had some large ice cream cones (mint chip of course) and watched a few episodes of I Love Lucy! I had gotten up pretty early that day so I got tired quick .... fell asleep on the coutch :) We got ready for bed and hit the sack!

Unfortunately that evening I got sick :( leaving me in bed all day Saturday!! Poor lex was such a trooper and even helped take care of me!! Bringing me crushed ice! I'm happy to say by Sunday I was feeling back to 100%... but I am so sad I miss those fun days we had planned together!

But have no fear! there will be more to come SOOON!!!! Love You Lex!!!

Bridal Shower!!

I woke up Sunday so rested from my relaxing spa day the day before :)

I pulled up to Cindy's and I teared up, even the outside of her home was decorated so cute!

Can I just say I have the most amazing soon to be in-laws! Cindy was so sweet to offer her home and coordinate the whole day..... and Laura was such a help tooo... with the games.. the schedule... and of course my Maid of Honor was right there to help tooo! Thanks Steph for taking all the pictures and being DJ for the day! and I can't forget the girl who stole the show! Miss Debbie Oh.... the most amazing florist EVER! The flowers were incredible and went so well with the house and my wedding theme :)

The Amazing Decorations and Food!!

Game Time... pretty much the cutest game I have EVER seen! My very own apron I got to keep! How many Items can you remember :) he he he!!!

Time To Open Presents

Hugs to all that came! and who helped! It was so special! I felt so showered with LOVE! :)

The most GORGEOUS bouquet! Made By MOM! :)

My Beautiful Fiance' came by at the end to say Hello ... What a TREAT