Vintage Treasures!!

Yesterday I spent 4 hours at the Rose Bowl swapmeet with Dad and Sunny... it was a gorgeous day and we had a blast!!! I found a few new treasures to add to my collection....

A vintage gumball machine for 12 bucks.. and it works!! :)

Vintage Magazine "Ladies Home Journal" 1957
Here are some items I have been collecting over the past few months!! :)
Vintage Rotary Phone from

Adorable wind up clock... another find
And yet another find!! :) pretty wall clock.. all cleaned and polished by dad!!

I found this beauty at Salvation Army last weekend .. they were having a 50% off sale... 23 bucks!! And she works!! Dad is gonna give her a tune up!
and of course my "out of the closet" chair for 20 bucks!!