Glad we stayed Home~

Jeff and I had an amazing weekend with family and eachother!

1st Dad and I met EARLY to hit the flower mart in downtown!! I just love the flowers during this time of year! Ranuculas EVERY WHERE and Tulips Galore

Then.....We went out to riverside on Saturday for church, and got to see brian perform in the Band :) He did such a great job!

I couldn't believe how beautiful Riverside was.... sooo green!!

This is a view from Jeff's Grama's House :)

We got to spend time with Jeff's Mom tooo! Which was so great

Then just when we thought our weekend couldn't get better, we spent most of Sunday OUTSIDE!!! :) Had breakfast at our favorite spot in South Pas.... Heirloom Cafe, then drove arround to look at some houses, then when we got home decided to walk to the park to play catch! here are some fun pics from my phone of us relaxing on our blanket! Then Jeff washed his car later and I cleaned up the house to get ready for the work week!

Photography Disaster Soved To the rescue!!!

We have decided to take a little bit of the stress away by booking this lovely photographer locally! Our new date is March 29th! We can't wait! Also we are thinking of turning it into 2 seperate photo shoots! So we can capture 2 different styles! Can't wait to share these with everyone!