Alexis NIGHT 1

We went out to Roys for a great Hawaiian treat! With Dad and Debbie! Alexis got her very own desert with her name written in chocolate. Then I got my very own desert with Congratulations written in chocolate (for finishing my CPA tests)! Yummmy.... Then alexis got a shower and went to sleep with Lucy Lou (the kitty) HEHE!

Here are some fun pics from the night!

ROYS in downtown LA

Alexis's special desert

I think she is happy

Congratualtions to meee HEHEH

Sisterly LOVE
Goof Troops


Weekend with Sis and JEFF
Look at Jeff's face hahahahahahahah
Now that takes tallent!!

Awww MEM!


Paul B said...

That face of jEff is hilarous I had to show Paul it made me laugh.