Golden Gate University!

My newest feat is getting my masters in Taxation. Currently I attend my Advanced Federal Taxation Class Tuesday evenings and my Research class Saturdays. Today I stumbled upon this LOVELY bumper sticker. I don't think I will attract this kind of attention to my car, but I did take one for a good laugh! I might put it up in my cube at work ;)

Little V Growing up FAST

Sound of Music Sing Along Hollywood Bowl

Something I would never have guessed I would do.... Attend a live showing of the Sound of Music Singalong at the Hollywood bowl..... Can I just say, it surpassed all my anticipation (actually I really didn't want to go) Boy I was suew glad we did, we only stayed for the first half of the movie, but pretty much laughed the whole time. Just imagine, entire Hollywood Bowl filled with fans of the movie, dressed up in costumes singing at the top of their lungs to every song. As if the singing wasn't entertainment enough the people arround us would get up and certain parts of the song and act things out as well as talk back to the movie. It was a little cult like.... for example when the Edelweiss came on the entire audience broke out their cell phones and acted as if we were in the middle of a concert. Truely a great experience.... so exciting I just might have to go next year. I highly recommend it! PS.... we also had amazing food! (courtesy of Debbie Oh)