Ordinary Saturday!!

Lovely Morning! Jeff and I both worked out than had a yummy healthy breakfast!

Tried some Kamut grain hot cereal! Better than oatmeal I LOVED IT! topped that off with some ground flaxseed, blackberries and candied pecans and a dab of MILK... Yum!!!

Also to accompany we had yummy bread I picked up from whole foods that you finish the baking process at home! Super healthy and yummy to boot!

I also tried our french press for the first time! WOW yummiest coffee I have ever had! It didn't need anything in it! Loved it black! Odly :)

Spent some time on the computer! Facebooking & Looking at my bloggs! and Miss Violet wanted to help too! :) she is so precious!

Jeff's morning is a bit different, he worked from home after breakfast.. which consisted of answering the blackberries! Ring Ring Ring!!!!! :) This is Jeff.... he is so cute! Just glad he can be home with me!

Now we are going to head out to Santa Monica to go look at apartments and explore!

Then out to Thousand Oaks! Laura's (Jeff's Sisters) Birthday is today! WOOO HOOO!


Kristi said...

wowzer why does he have so many blackberries that looks like craziness. And yes please that food sounds amazing minus the coffee. Anyway let's get together sometime.

Robin and Jeff said...

HAHA! He has 3 employees at work so they are theirs(business phones).. he brings them home on the weekends to take the calls that come in from all their postings for apartments :) Pretty funny! he he he!!! Miss You! Let me know when your working from home and I will totally come out to visit you and baby!!!!