Soo Many Changes :)

As you may probably already know I lost my job back in July. To be honest it has been the best thing that ever happened to me. First off I NEEDED the time before the wedding to really focus and finish up all the details. I didn't have a coordinator help plan the wedding so that meant everything needed to be organized before my coordinator was there the day of (THANKS DELINA) Second of all, PWC has been experiencing lay offs in general and it was a pretty sour environment to get up and go to every day. I can say my body has thanked me. No more stress :) well other than now on the job search front... but things are slowly moving. I had an interview on Wednesday for a Job I would LOVE! Lots of growth potential and the office is on the water in Santa Monica WOW! So thats possible change #1 and change #2 is we are looking to move down that direction. To the beach :) and when I say to the beach we want to be with in walking distance. I have spent a few days over the last week down that direction getting more familiar with the area. I never thought I would like it so much. I like how close everything is... we would be able to walk to 3rd street from out apartment and whole foods and work for me. Again this is all pretty hypothetical ... but I have a good feeling about it! my final change #3 is im Married! to the most incredible man in the world! I couldn't be happier to be embarking on the new adventures with him. Jeff has been practicing running on the beach in Santa Monica for when we move that direction! :) he is pretty excited! Plus no more 1-1.5 hr communte every day....I will get to see him more YAY!!!!!!

Okay thats all for now! Need to get back to cleaning up dishes from dinner last night... then off to SM for apartment hunting! The happily ever after is tomorrow and my BFF comes in tomorrow morning! Im so much looking forward to it!

Mrs. Jacobson (he he he)