On the agenda.... Class on Saturday Morning.... which I took a final exam... then drive out to Thousand Oaks to help mom with Quickbooks... I was up till 3am WOW! Then Sunday AM worked some more and drove back in time to shower and head out to the Westsdie for fun day with Kristin Kramer! And it was fun indeed..... the plan was... shopping in Beverly Hills ... then home to cook and host West Side Supper Club Meeting #2 :)


I was odly chipper when we went shopping.... regardless of how little sleep I got the night before!! The weather was absolutely SUPERB!!! We went into lots of shops and Kristin Bought her self a few pairs of shades (ADORABLE) then we were walking around and stumbled upon Wolford Store... let me give you a little background... Kristin has been talking about these tights for months... I thought she was a little odd for being so specific on the brand of tights she wanted... until I went into the store... they are AMAZING .. the selection .. .incredible.... and they are such incredible quality its rediculous! I ended up going home with a beautiful navy blue pair that I left the store wearing.... and it was sooo worth it... something about wearing those beauties it just makes your day better......

Oh did I mention we blasted old school hip-hop when we drove around and Kristin and I found that we shared a similar knowledge of rap artists :) Topped the day off with delish dinner and good company... needless to say I slept pretty great Sunday night !!! Gonna be hard to beat that weekend... check out for pics and details from the day :)