Disneyland TIME!!!!

What an amazing time we had!!! I arrived bright and early for a full day of FUN! Here we are takin the bus to the park 8:00 AM SHARP!! The weather was AMAZING not too hot and a nice cool breeze and clouds :)

Goal for the day: Hit the fun rides EARLY before the crowds and we met our GOAL!!! Space Mountain.. FIRST THING!

Then we ran over to the other side.. got on Pirates :) So fun!!

Since California Adventures doesn't open till 10:00 we went straight over there next! Hit Soarin over California First! Ahhh I love that ride!! LOVE My Aunt Bonnie!! XOXO

These girls and I had SOOOO MUCH FUN!! Goofing OFF!

We got to go on the water ride later and then we had some lunch and headed back to the hotel for nap time! We were pretty exhausted!! Maddie and I Post Nap :) Ready for some more FUN!!!

SCARRY RIDE!!! Doesn't look to scary but let me tell you Its frightening! You feel like your going to just fly off !! EEEEEEEK We were screaming so loud and Aunt Bonnie and I kept looking at each other like we thought we were going to die!!!

Jim and his girls!! :)

Minnie and ME!!

Cutie Pie!

We closed this place down!!! We met some of their friends later for some yummy mexican food than went back over to the Disneyland side to see fireworks and hit more rides! But whew I was sure exhausted by the time I got home..... But TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! and it was Aunt Bonnies Birthday that next Friday so we celebrated! Happy Birthday Aunt Bonnie! I will miss you guys!!!