Bachelorette Party!!!

Can I just say ... I LOVE MY MOMMY! She planned the most amazing Spa Day for our Bachelorette Party! First she treated ever guest to a 30 minute treatment ... and me an hour... than fed us all day long the yummiest food! Breakfast: scones, fresh fruit, creme brule french toast, yummy egg dish; Lunch: chicken salad sandwiches, guacamole dip and chips, veggies.... and MUCH MUCH MORE... and for desert yummy strawberry short cake :) oh and don't forget my strawberry Mojito YUMMM!!!

I relaxed... chatted.. sunbathed and enjoyed every moment with my favorite girlies... added bonus Miss Keilana came along to chill with us! She was an angel as always :)

some fun pictures from the day :)

My BFF and Maid of Honor Weff!

My Silly Outfit! LOVE IT!

All my goodies! even fancy pins for Steph & I

How Beautiful and Relaxing!

Ta Da!!

Say Wooo Hoooo!! :)

Future Sister in Law :) Laura & I

Cuz Tay and ME

Cuz Heather and I

Ashlee :) What a babe!

Oh No! My Veil! LOL!!!!! :)

Lindsay my office buddy!

Keilana & Kristi and Me!!! Aren't they adorable :)

Sarongs & Gift Bags with Goodies! Thanks Mom!

Special Thanks to Jennifer Lew who mad the yummy scones, Aunt Amy for the dip and Lisa who did the treatments AMAZING!!!