Mrs. Jacobson... thats me!!

WOW! I knew I was marrying the most incredible man but read Jeff's vows:

Robin Michelle Wake. You are my best friend & I am so deeply in love with you. It started on a bench out in front of your dorm, that is where my eyes were first opened to your beauty within. Apparently the lord had placed my heart on my sleeve that night because it has forever since been yours to keep. You have so many amazing qualities that constantly draw me to you. Your physical beauty is obvious, your big brown eyes captivate me. Your smile & perfect little nose I adore. Equally as obvious is the beauty that radiates from with in you. I knew from day one that sitting on that bench next to me was a woman who was and is fully capable of making me the happiest man on earth. You have made me the happiest man alive and I am so deeply in love with you. Everything you do, you do with love, passion & integrity.... and that could never be more true than for the way you love me. You know me so well, you know what makes me tick and you go out of your way to fill my love tank daily. The way that you handle all of lifes ups and downs in such thoughtful and compassionate ways is a true testimate to how closely you hold the Lord to your heart. I am in true awe of the woman he created you to be and I thank him daily for giving me such an amazing partner whom I not only love, but so deeply respect. Over the past 6 years our love has tested time & space and though I know life brings hardship, I also know 100% that it will never be from a lack of committment from you to me & this incredible journey we are just setting out on. You make it so obvious everyday how committed you are to me, and words alone cannot express how incredibly loved happy and safe I feel when I am with you.

Today, Robin, I take your hands with the promise that from the very depths of my soul I will always seek to be open and honest with you. I promise to be faithful to you, to respect you and to love and support you through every challenge that life may bring. I will always catch you, I will always stand by your side and I will enver leave room for your to doubt my committment to you. I promise to hold you when you cry, to never stop making you laugh , and to always make you smile so big that it hurts.

Marry Me Robin Michelle wake. There is nothing, other than for the Lord to come again, that I want more than for you to grow old with me and let me keep your love tank full. I will cherrish every moment with you

You are and will always be my best friend and I will spend the rest of my life loving you!

My vows: (Not quite as lengthy... he he! Jeff has always been a man of words...)

Jeff, you are my best friend,

the man of my dreams, my prince charming,

and the love of my life

I make a promise to you today

To be fully committed to our life together

I will Love You

Trust and honor you

Be your Shoulder to cry on

and your Strength to rely on

You constant Companion through good times and bad

Be joyful in hope, patient in hard times, and faithful in prayer

I love you soo much!


Our wedding weekend was absolutely spectacular!!!! I couldn't have dreamed of a better day! We are still waiting for the photos from the photographer but here are a few from the day :)

Makeup and hair courtesy of Annette Avila at Lavish Salon

Special Thanks to the McCann Clan! They were just sooo well behaved and adorable to boot!

Mr & Mrs. Jacobson! XOXO Love you sooo much my husband!