Tomorrow I am getting Married Tomorrow....

Okay seriously??? Sooo excited!! I have been so relaxed lately considering everything that is going on.. I have been really enjoying spending time with my family during our trip up to Napa.. we caravaned up today and lex rode in the car with me! Made a few pitt stops but made pretty good timing... and we even ended the night off right with Rutherford Grill can I say YUMM!!! Jeff made it up just in time to join us! YAY! he is so cute! This town brings back soooo many fantastic memories. Tomorrow we have a full day with rehearsal and dinner with the family :) Than the BIG DAY! oh and im so excited the rest of the family will be here and a little sad to leave the dorms... its so fun to hang out with everyone!!! but the harvest inn sounds nice too but here are the Reasons why I love to stay at the PUC dorms:

#1 free internet

#2 decor frozen in time

#3 fan in window... who needs air conditioning.. seriously

#4 mini fridge.. beat that

#5 you get share a bathroom with your neighbor.... great if know them!

#6 spacious closet... lacking doors

#7 vine wreath in mauve... each room is different

#8 Gift Baskets made by MOM-in-law CINDY!!

#9 Helfpful Signs :)

#10 best of all sharing laughs with family (wouldn't trade it for anything)