New Chair!!! (well new to us)

So Jeff and I had a fun weekend!! Saturday we decided to visit numerous "thrift stores" in the neighborhood in hopes of finding some "cheap" treasures... we hit lots of places
First Salvation Army in Pasadena.... (great selection.. but a little pricey)

Then Goodwill in Pasadena (ehhh).. then Out of the Closet in Pasadena (ehh)....
and Finally Out of the Closet in South Pasadena (SUPER GREAT), no joke 2 blocks from my house!
Much to my surprise we did find a chair!! and I LOVE IT!! Best part is the price tag $20
Yippeee!! It fits right in at our home......its super cozy and comfy plus it rocks & swivels!!
Here is the beauty!

Accessorized with our SUPER discounted lamp from Home goods.... blue vintage phone from and new wind up vintage clock from :)